MOV(i)E IT FORWARD! TCA-Dissemination, sustainability, exploitation in KA2 projects results

Themes and goals of the event

Educational projects should influence the target groups and change their lives for the better. The Erasmus+ Programme Guide says that: “dissemination and exploitation goals may be to: raise awareness; extend the impact; engage stakeholders and target groups; share solutions and know how; influence policy and practice; develop new partnerships.” That’s why Strategic partnerships projects should pay attention especially to the implementation of their results. The question is how to ensure their durability after the project funding has finished.  Which tools to use? There are many different tools but no one knows all of them. The seminar will give Erasmus+ beneficiaries the opportunity to exchange experience in the subject of exploitation, sustainability and dissemination of results. The main aim of the seminar is to create space for participants to exchange both results and methods of improving their sustainability. At the same time, the event will enable participants to gain inspiring knowledge and specific, practical competences.

The seminar will focus more on implementation and exploitation of projects’ final results than on their dissemination. However, knowing the significance of dissemination activities, we will present attractive tools that can be used by beneficiaries during and after the project’s lifetime. For instance, we will offer you a multimedia workshop on recording videos.

Disemination and sustainability resources

Travel and location

To facilitate ground transportation, please use FB group dedicated to this seminar: You can communicate with other participants to check travel itinerary and travel together.